Back on Tracks: Russia

Documenting personal travels

I wanted to go to Russia for quite a while now. My original plan was to go further east every winter. I didn’t think it would happen that quickly, but after Budapest and Prague, in 2011 I joined a group of friends on their university trip to Moscow. It takes over 36 hours via train, but its an unforgettable journey. Especially the gauge conversion in Brest. I can’t wait to go even further east.
These pictures were shot with an Olympus XA on Kodak Ektar 100 and a Canon 5D.

F1020011 _MG_5733 _MG_5774 _MG_5839 _MG_5806 halle_diptych _MG_5801 _MG_5841 F1010015 F1010018 _MG_5896 _MG_6038 _MG_6052 _MG_6382 _MG_5999 F1000005F1010024 _MG_5988 _MG_6261 _MG_6241 _MG_6238 _MG_5981 _MG_5983 F1010021 F1010026 F1010030 RUS_trolley_boarding F1000029 _MG_6442 F1030012 RUS_petersburg F1000023