Photography, Video

Unsere Wasserkraft

with unter freiem himmel

Together with the animation and filmproduction studio “unter freiem himmel” I worked as a photographer and camera assistant on a web campaign for “Unsere Wasserkraft”, a hydroelectric power supplier. The idea was to show nature as a person – dressed in an amazing costume, by the fantastic Viktoria Zierer – thanking people for using environmentally friendly electricity. The job involved photoshoots in a studio and on location while shooting the commercial. More info at and

GWA_3240 GWA_3247 GWA_3226 GWA_2971 GWA_3029 GWA_3158 GWA_3167 GWA_3170 GWA_3296


For more information on this project, watch the video below, or go to the project description